About Us

My Popcorn Boxes and MyPopcornBoxes.co.uk is trading name for Bags and Boxes Ltd. We are experienced commercial printers and manufacturer for Cardboard, paper, corrugated and plastic materials with full color high finish printing. All orders are custom made of any sizes of boxes or bags. Our goal is to provide companies and retailers an opportunity to market their products with elegant, strong, artistic packaging. Since popcorn boxes are an ideal way to publicize your brand therefore we are here to help in printing and providing boxes with your company logos and messages.

Nowadays, branding is changing its dimensions by introducing new digital methods for marketing. Our company decided to help SMEs in creating superb Plastic, corrugated, paper or cardboard type popcorn boxes. Having your logo, messages or graphics on packaging can take on your brand to 1000’s of viewers in no time and my popcorn box printing is the only one stop shop in UK, Germany, France, Belgium, Norway, Denmark and Italy which has fully dedicated support to box printing and packaging services. Our shop has discounted prices for wholesalers, retailers and individuals who are interested in marketing their brands through popcorn cardboard boxes.